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Services from eHealth Saskatchewan

You can order a birth or death certificate.


Services from eHealth Saskatchewan
You can order a birth or death certificate.
eHealth Saskatchewan handles Health Card registrations, updates, renewals, and replacements. All Saskatchewan residents must register themselves and their dependents for a Saskatchewan Health Card in order to receive health benefits.
Notify eHealth Saskatchewan of a change of address for your Saskatchewan Health Card, and request a replacement card.
To receive health benefits in Saskatchewan, all residents must register themselves (and their dependents) for a Saskatchewan Health Card.
Your card covers medically necessary services provided by SK physicians, immunization services, and mental health services. For a full list, visit Fully Covered Services. Your card also provides partial coverage for ambulances, care centres, podiatry, chiropody, hearing, dental, eye, glaucoma, prescription drugs, oxygen, and mobility and visual aids—for a complete list, visit Partially Covered Services.
Outside the province, your card covers most medically necessary services in publicly funded Canadian facilities. Outside of Canada, however, your card provides limited emergency medical care coverage. For more details, visit Health Coverage Outside of Saskatchewan and Canada.

Parkland Victims Services is a police-based crisis intervention program funded by Victims Services, Saskatchewan Justice & Attorney General, Victims Fund. We work in partnership with the R.C.M.P. and the community to provide the best possible service to victims during their involvement in the Criminal Justice System. We are one of 18 victim services programs in the province of Saskatchewan.

We are a completely confidential and free service.

Parkland Victims Services Inc. also has one of seven Aboriginal Resource Officer programs in the province. This program helps Aboriginal victims of crime and their families by providing services such as information, support and referral. There are seven Aboriginal Resource Officers in the province: Regina and Saskatoon each have two and there is one in North Battleford, Prince Albert, La Ronge and Yorkton. In each location, the Aboriginal Resource Officers work with the Victims Services program as a team. They are the liaison between the police and the Aboriginal community. They provide prevention and early intervention services and also help ensure that Aboriginal victims and their families receive culturally sensitive information and support during their involvement in the criminal justice process.


Seniors Services

Offering Saskatchewan seniors a range of health, housing, and financial services and programs.


Elder Abuse Awareness


Protect yourself, Learn the signs, Reach out.

Victim Services - Information and referral to local community based programs.  Toll-free: 1-888-286-6664

 The Public Guardian and Trustee - The Public Guardian and Trustee has authority to investigate allegations of financial abuse and to freeze bank accounts under certain circumstances.  Toll-free: 1-877-787-5424

After a Death