Kawacatoose First Nation
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Raymore, Saskatchewan
S0A 3J0
Ph: (306) 835–2125
Fax: (306) 835–2178

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Last Date modified: 2017-03-28

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Treaty Guide to Treaty No. 4 (1874)



Touchwood Agency Tribal Council

First Nations Financial Transparency Act (FNFTA)


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The First Nations Financial Transparency Act requires each First Nation to which the Act applies to publish on its Internet site, or cause to be published on an Internet site, the following documents within 120 days after the end of each financial year:

its audited consolidated financial statements;
the Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses;
the auditor's written report respecting the consolidated financial statements; and
the auditor's report or the review engagement report, as the case may be, respecting the Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses.

These documents must remain accessible to the public, on an Internet site, for at least 10 years.
The Act further states that the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs must publish these same documents on the departmental website "without delay after the First Nation has provided him or her with those documents or they have been published."
These documents can be accessed on that apply to the use of the INAC website.
this site, subject to the Terms and Conditions
The documents published here represent the most recent versions received by INAC, and have been prepared by the First Nation and audited and/or reviewed by independent external auditors. INAC accepts no responsibility or liability with respect to correctness, omissions and/or quality of information. Any questions concerning their content, or the absence of any document or information should be addressed directly to the respective First Nation.
The Department publishes these documents as soon as possible after the First Nation has provided them or they are published. As these documents are prepared by the respective First Nation, they are published here in the language in which they are received.

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